Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pardon my mess...while I change domain names

Well as Kraphti Kreations begins to grow and take on it's own identity, I thought it would be good to register it as a domain name. 


....well almost.  I'm in IT so I should know that DNS registrations can take a day or more to fully propogate.  {Sigh} I have got to get my instant gratification tendencies under control.

Anyhoo...if you have some troubles accessing my blog on and off over the next couple of days, sorry about that.  Hopefully I will up and going by Monday.  You will still be able to get here by going to 

See ya!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's on the Krapht table

....a growing pile of pieces that need to be sanded. {sigh}

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's on the krapht table

New earrings sanded and buffed or coated with resin ready for findings.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What's on the Krapht Table

The artist/crafter in me is in love with colors.  And mixing colors to make new one give me a thrill like no other. I have not spent a lot of time documenting my "accidental" recipes, so I'm usually looking a piece trying to figure out how I got that color.

Enter Crafts by Chris. She has mastered color mixing and documenting the Pantone Color Home and Fashion trends in polymer clay.  What or who is Pantone, you ask?  Basically Pantone is a company that developed color matching system meant to standardize colors across multiple industries.  For more details see their "About Us" page.

You can purchase the tutorials in Crafts by Chris' Artfire Studio or Etsy Store.  They are well worth the low cost.  Minimal supplies are needed: polymer clay and some method of cutting equal sized parts of the clay, otherwise your mixes will be off.  I used a pasta machine and kemper cutters.

This sample is from the 34 More Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Color Recipes

The PDFs with the color mixes can be printed out and placed in a binder or if you'd like cut smaller into recipe card size and stored in a box.  I cut two shapes, one to put in a binder and one to put in a box with the color name and recipe set it is from. That way I can carry the smaller box with me if needed to match colors.

I used one of my smallest square kemper cutters to create the mixes, I only wanted to create swatches just large enough to create the samples for my binder and swatch box.  But oh what to do with the know I just love polymer clay scraps!  I grabbed all the from this recipe sampler and the previous two I done.  Mixed them just a little and did some mokume gane with stamps.   Yum!  I loved the out come.

I'd also like to note that anyone involved in any type of art/craft could use this a wonderful tool for understanding color theory.  So whether or not you're a polymer clay artist, experimenter or have never played around with polymer clay....think about ordering one of these tutorials and pick up some clay.  You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A big THANK YOU! all the visitors that stopped by my table to browse and purchase at the craft show today.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Preparing for a craft show.

I've been looking for a way to present my jewelry and advertise at the same time.  I came across a tidbit on the Jewely Display Ideas's blog about using business cards as hanging earring cards.  Brilliant! But what about larger pieces or sets.   Vistaprint sent me an email for a discount on postcards.   

The post cards are the perfect size for hanging earrings and pendants. However I haven't figured out how to string the pendants and make them look good on the cards. I guess for now I'll just added the necklace to the bag.

I also ordered more business cards to use as earring hang cards. My other cards have color on the back and the earrings get lost in the confusion.

The only drawback is that holes are punched into the image on the back. On the postcards that's not a huge deal.  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's on the Krapht Table

Busy, busy, busy....but I have found a few moments to play in the Krapht room.  And I am making a pledge to "try" to blog at least once a week.  Now remember I said....try.

Surprise, surprise, surprise...Mokume Gane pieces :D

I recently purchase Barbara McGuire's "Extreme Golden Mokume Gane" DVD...and I love her version of mokume gane.   (You have to get her Shape Stamps also...they are marvelous.)

So, you know I have this love hate relations ship with the sanding phase of polymer clay. I hate the sanding process itself, but love the outcome of a smooth easily buffed piece.  Well, I've found a workaround....2 part epoxy resin.  I love this stuff.  

I use two thick coats to get a glass-like appearance on the pieces.