Sunday, October 24, 2010

Preparing for a craft show.

I've been looking for a way to present my jewelry and advertise at the same time.  I came across a tidbit on the Jewely Display Ideas's blog about using business cards as hanging earring cards.  Brilliant! But what about larger pieces or sets.   Vistaprint sent me an email for a discount on postcards.   

The post cards are the perfect size for hanging earrings and pendants. However I haven't figured out how to string the pendants and make them look good on the cards. I guess for now I'll just added the necklace to the bag.

I also ordered more business cards to use as earring hang cards. My other cards have color on the back and the earrings get lost in the confusion.

The only drawback is that holes are punched into the image on the back. On the postcards that's not a huge deal.  


Mª Reyes said...

Es todo muy lindo. Besos desde Barcelona (España)

Rena Klingenberg said...

Your jewelry cards look fantastic and very professional, Dez! Thanks so much for the mention and link to my Jewelry Display Ideas site.

I wish you every success with all of the jewelry events you do this Fall and Holiday season! :)