Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thing A Day...the "once a year creative sprint"

I am again participating in the annual "Thing-a-Day"

What is Thing-a-Day, you ask. From the Thing-a-Day website: "Thing-a-day is a yearly creative sprint where participants commit to creating one new thing a day and post it on a collective blog." Simple and straight forward.

For me it a chance to step even further out side of that box, that I won't stay inside of anyway, and let my muse run wild. Not only do I love creating and blogging about my own "things", I also enjoy reading and looking at the "things" others create.

I found Thing a Day about 3 years ago when I was in a sever creative depression. By taking this challenge, I was able to complete small projects and get my creative juices flowing once again. I have been in "kreative" mode ever since.

I won't post my "things" everyday...more likely I'll post links to...{gasp}...yet another blog. Un-fortunately, it was necessary to set up another one in order to participate.

Well, I better get a move on....I have yet to decide on what today's "thing" will be.


EmandaJ said...

Hi Dez,

I can't find out where to send and email, so I'm commenting here:

I came home from a four day retreat and am just now getting to my emails and blog. I noticed you have become a follower of my blog -- thanks so much! I checked out your blog too -- what fun!

I'm just a handful of posts away from my 100th and am having a giveaway, which I'm sure you have read about. You are entered for following.

Bead happy!
Artemisia's Studio

auriga321 said...

Hi Dez,

Wow, what amazing crafts and jewelery you have! I stumbled upon your hair site because I have the same hair texture as yours and clicked on your flickr photos. Beautiful, your clay creations! I wanted to know if you sell your crafts? Please email me if you get a chance...thanks (