Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pardo Jewelry Clay, the new kid on the polymer clay block

Pardo Jewelry Clay, manufactured by Viva Decor has made an impressive splash in the polymer clay world. This beeswax based clay, comes uniquely packaged in the shape of the balls that reminds one of gum balls. The color pallet comes in a range of lovely choices. The clay is very easy to condition. And while it falls amongst the softer range of clays, it is still sturdy enough for caning. Even in my warm hands, it does not be come limp-noodle like. Also, there is very little smell to this clay, while un-cured and while curing...always a plus.

On my first round with Pardo, I chose Thulite, Topaz and Yellow Aventurine to make a mokume gane stack. The results are stunning:
Pardo Jewelry Clay experimentation
I did have some color transfer onto my hands. I posted over on the Polymer Clay Central forums to see if anyone else had this problem, but I seem to have been the only one.
Color stain from Pardo  Jewelry Clay
I haven't had that to happen again, so maybe the reaction was caused by something on my hands.

The next Mokume Gane stack was created using black, gold, bronze and silver. Oh my, this is the closest to replicating actual look of metal Mokume Gane, I have come!


Bangles with Pardo Jewelry Clay
This bracelet was created using the Scrap Mokume Gane Bangle Bracelet tutorial by Tonja Lenderman. (I deviated from the instructions by actually creating a Mokume Gane stack instead of the scrap Mokume Gane. However the basis of the tutorial are the same and can be applied to any polymer clay technique.

Pendant with Pardo Jewelry Clay
(Note: the silver frame is not my work. I have not gotten to that level of craftmanship with metal clay yet.)

The one drawback of Pardo Jewelry Clay is the price. It is somewhat higher than that of the other brands I use, and rarely goes on sale. But it is no so high that I wont't use it at all. It will likely be reserved for special pieces.


Melobeau said...

Dez, What a great group of Mokume Gane. I especially like the pendant. KUDOS!

Fabi said...

Maravilloso mokume cane de corazón!!!


surfingcat said...

It looks great! Your Mokume Gane work looks amazing, I must give it another try.