Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's on the Krapht Table

Busy, busy, busy....but I have found a few moments to play in the Krapht room.  And I am making a pledge to "try" to blog at least once a week.  Now remember I said....try.

Surprise, surprise, surprise...Mokume Gane pieces :D

I recently purchase Barbara McGuire's "Extreme Golden Mokume Gane" DVD...and I love her version of mokume gane.   (You have to get her Shape Stamps also...they are marvelous.)

So, you know I have this love hate relations ship with the sanding phase of polymer clay. I hate the sanding process itself, but love the outcome of a smooth easily buffed piece.  Well, I've found a workaround....2 part epoxy resin.  I love this stuff.  

I use two thick coats to get a glass-like appearance on the pieces.

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Mª Reyes said...

Me gustan mucho tus trabajos. Besos desde Barcelona (España)