Sunday, January 3, 2010

Playing with scraps

In the polymer clay world, the left over raw clay from your project is fondly referred to as scraps. The scraps are perfect for using as filler for beads or making a solid "mud" color for backings of pieces. However before achieving this "mud" status, quite often, the scrap takes on a life of it's own as it is mixed. And more often then not, you end up with this random, non-repeatable thing of beauty.

This is the dilemma I quite frequently "scraps" have combined and made a stunning sheet of clay. I was attempting to make some "mud" to use as the backing for one of my polymer clay masks. But as I folded and ran the clay through the pasta machine maker, a beautiful sheet of clay resembling stone appeared.

No way, this lovely accident could be relegated to the back of a piece, never to be seen.
From this sheet, several lovely pendants were born. (Note: these pendants are not coated with a gloss, the are buffed on a variable speed grinder with muslin wheels.)


TRACEE said...

nice piece. i love the colors.

Kraphti-Dez said...

Thank you hun. You know, this year I am dedicating myself to pure creativity.

Melobeau said...

Serendipity is awesome. How wonderful that you had the eye to spot the "diamond in the rough". Now THAT's creativity, so I'm guessing you're totally on track with your post about dedicating yourself to pure creativity.

Fabi said...

Fantastico !!!